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Silver Moon Lighting offers dramatic lighting to enhance your home or business. We are dedicated to designing the best lighting system for your home and landscaping. As proof of this, Silver Moon offers a free three-night customized lighting demonstration that we
leave in your yard. You are able to see the proposed lighting design, our professionalism and the quality of our lighting work before you make a decision.We also install security lighting for your privacy and safety.

We take care of the entire process from the free consultation to free lighting demo to
installation and maintenance. In the end, you will have a beautiful and dramatically lit
house that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Additionally, you will have made an
investment that will add the value of your property.

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Dallas Landscape Lighting Company: Brighten up Your Life

Gentle lighting in a dark outdoors can create a wonderfully charming ambience. A well laid out landscape lighting not only makes your house and yard beautiful during the dark but also adds value to your home. You can have this phenomenon play out regularly in your house with the help of a qualified Dallas Landscape Lighting Company. You can use landscape lighting to enhance your property’s beauty by highlighting focal points like strategically placed water features, statues, trees, and boulders at night. It livens up any outdoor entertaining, making it fun and safe. There is a lot of safety as intruders will rarely target a well lit property. Plus, outdoor lighting makes your walkways visible and safe once it gets dark. A Dallas Landscape Lighting Company can create unique lighting for your home that provides safety as well.

If you’re having landscape lighting installed, you need a practiced hand because a poorly done installation will lead to frequent maintenance. A qualified Dallas Landscape Lighting Company will provide professional installation of low voltage outdoor lighting that is low maintenance so you won’t have to worry about outages. The vital elements of your yard and garden can be enhanced with the wide variety of low voltage lighting styles available. Each fixture should receive a set amount of voltage, making for less voltage drops. Only a professional Dallas Landscape Lighting Company can help you accomplish this. For consistent power distribution and ease of future add-ons multiple wires are installed.

Feel Secure at Home with Dallas Landscape Lighting Company

Security is a significant issue, especially during these economically difficult times. A well lit property attracts fewer burglars and attempts at a break-in. People often use their outdoors for relaxation as well as entertaining. Your home is your place of refuge and you need a sense of safety. These important needs are taken care of by a professional Dallas Landscape Lighting Company. Landscape lighting works primarily to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property but it also addresses the important issue of security.

You’ll find that having a Dallas Landscape Lighting Company install lighting on your property is a worthwhile investment. They help deter intruders and add significant return on your investment. The low voltage lighting provides a level of illumination that is perfect for home properties. Outdoor lighting transformers, path lights, spot lights, bulbs and cable can be easily installed by a Dallas Landscape Lighting Company. The visual appeal of your home along with lighting of front walkways, dark driveways, back doorways and ground level windows for security is given special attention.

Dallas Landscape Lighting Company: Great Lighting for Guests and Family

You can expect outdoor entertaining to be around for a long time. A well lit outdoors makes your guests feel comfortable and safe. With subtle lighting effects, which mark pathways and gathering spaces, a qualified Dallas Landscape Lighting Company can make your outdoor areas more accessible. A well lit yard will make you and your guests feel a lot more secure.

A qualified Dallas Landscape Lighting Company can permanently wire your outdoor lighting into your existing electrical wiring. A popular option for highlighting garden features, waterfalls, plants in bloom and walkways is spot lighting. Paths, trellises and pergolas can be lined effectively through rope lighting. Solar powered spot lights bring the unique advantage of requiring no wiring and easy to install.

With a Dallas Landscape Lighting Company you can improve the appearance of your home considerably. When lit with well-designed landscape lighting, your home’s entire exterior takes on an elegant appearance.

Dallas Landscape Lighting Company: Design and Development

Light works differently in given spaces and a qualified Dallas Landscape Lighting Companywill use this when designing your landscape lighting plan. The new low voltage lighting systems and fixtures automatically switch on at night. This can help you save a lot of money and effort.

You can also choose environment friendly lighting by asking a Dallas Landscape Lighting Company to install solar outdoor lighting equipment with low energy costs. There is a wide range of solar light fixtures available - spot lights, garden lights, wall lights, pathway lights, deck and patio lights, floodlights, and underwater lights. These can be used in areas where electrical lighting may be difficult to install,
A qualified Dallas Landscape Lighting Company uses a mixture of techniques like path lighting, up-lighting, back-lighting and down-lighting etc. to get the required lighting effects. Lights are fixed at ground level in up-lighting technique. To emphasize your landscape elements the lights are focused upward. The lights used includes flood lights spot lights, and in-ground fixtures. In path lighting, the lights are placed along the side of driveways and pathways near ground level. The fixtures are placed in such a way as to spread light horizontally across the ground and serve as a guide for someone walking or driving onto your property.

a Dallas Landscape Lighting Company can create wonderful shadows of objects or plants by strategically placing lights behind them. This type of lighting is not visible and can include in-ground, spot and flood lights. For added security, down-lighting creates open circles of overhead light. You may also want to consider other lighting techniques like spot and accent lighting.

Get in touch with a qualified Dallas Landscape Lighting Company right away. They can help you light your home and property and provide an elegant look to your landscape at night.
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"Lisa and I want to thank you for the great job you and your folks did in installing our house and landscape lighting. I look forward to driving in at night just to look at our home and see what a difference the lighting has made in the overall appearance. Thank you for being prompt and responding whenever we had a question or a particular item that needed adjusting. Thanks again for a job well done!"
John & Lisa Ellrich, Lucas TX
"Several years ago we decided to enhance our beautiful lot in order to enjoy the landscape after dark. We were pleasantly surprised to learn of the trial period, during which we were able to enjoy the lights while deciding which lighting position showed our lot at its best. We are now enjoying our fabulous yard both day and night. I wholeheartedly endorse Silver Moon Lighting. The professionalism, expertise and customer service were everything one looks for in such an experience."
Bruce & Teresa McGaha, Southlake TX
"Silver Moon Lighting was easy to work with, and did exactly what we agreed to and when they said they would do it. That is a rare commodity in North Dallas. There was no high pressure sell and no attempt to get me to buy something that I didn’t need. I talked to several vendors before I bought, and Silver Moon Lighting was the only one that took the time to educate me on the differences in installation process and lighting equipment. And this wasn’t just to point out that their products were superior. The bottom line is, the next time I need landscape lighting they will get my business."
Bill Prince, Dallas TX
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